My career path through architecture over the last 36 years has been as much shaped by my ‘time out’ as it has by my experience as a practitioner- the opportunity to take my architectural skills into my children’s school classrooms in the 1990′s was instrumental in sparking my interest in built environment education, which subsequently led to my involvement with Kent Architecture Centre, and its innovative portfolio of community and stakeholder engagement, design enabling and review, architectural competitions, and brief development.

My interest in architecture has always focussed on people rather than the technical, and I look for ways to encourage and enable people, especially young people, to participate in the process of change, particularly building on their existing ‘local knowledge’, fostering transferable skills, and hopefully inspiring in them an interest in the built environment, both contemporary and historic.
My preferred way of working is in a team where collaboration, innovation and creativity are respected. I have found that the most successful projects, both in terms of process and product, are built on a genuine desire to value and acknowledge each participant’s contribution as part of a shared vision.
I asked Eileen Adams to send me some words about my work to put on the website, and this is what she said..
“Annette brings experience of architecture, design and education to her work in a variety of contexts. Whether with a bunch of kids or a community group or fellow professionals, she is always encouraging and supportive. She manages to juggle ideas, activities, opinions – and differences of opinion – with equanimity and sensible advice. Her bright ideas and creative energy result in successful projects, and her positive attitude and good humour always make the process of working together enjoyable!”
Thanks, Eileen!
Please get in touch with me if you would like to see my full CV.