Design Quality Indicators

The Design Quality Indicator, or DQI for short, is a toolkit developed by the Construction Industry Council, to measure the design quality of a building. DQI is based on the three key aspects of design, first identified by the Roman Vitruvius, of firmness, commodity and delight, or Build Quality, Funtionality and Impact. It consists of a questionnaire that is completed by a range of stakeholders, including building users, managers, client representatives and design team, during a facilitated workshop. The resulting report, based on the data collected and the discussions from the workshop, prepared by the DQI Facilitator, provides information to feed into the brief, or to influence the on-going development of the design. DQI can also provide a framework for a Post-Occupancy Evaluation, by users, clients and managers.

I am an accredited and experienced DQI Facilitator, and have developed other resources, based on the DQI framework, to support the engagement of users, clients and managers in the design process.