creating resources

An area of work in which I am particularly interested is the creation of resources  to support the engagement of stakeholders in the design process.

While at Kent Architecture Centre, I collaborated with CIC, CABE, the Architecture Centre Network and other practitioners, to develop and test a question card-based toolkit, based on the framework of the DQI (Design Quality Indicators). The question cards can be used with a multi stakeholder group to help them interrogate the design of an existing building, as a way of ‘unpacking’ the wide range of issues that need to be considered in the design of a new or extended building. The toolkit was tested with a number of stakeholder groups in preparation for them taking part in DQI Briefing workshops,  including schools and other multi-purpose building types.

There is more information about this toolkit in an article from Building Futures magazine. To download a copy click here Article for BF mag If you would like to be sent a copy of the question cards and the associated guidance notes, please contact me.

I also participated, together with colleagues from two other achitecture centres (Beam and Bristol) and CABE in the development of a version of Spaceshaper specifically to engage local young people in the process of assessing the existing quality, and identifying priorities for the improvement, of public spaces. The resulting toolkit, Spaceshaper 9-14, was launched in 2009, and continues to be used to give young people a voice in improving local public spaces.