organising study trips

Study trips are a great way to share best practice, see real examples of successful and less successful buildings, spaces and neighbourhoods, and find out more about the process that led to their creation. They also provide the opportunity to bring together design team members, and  stakeholders in a less formal environment. I have devised and led study trips to a wide range of locations, both in the UK and abroad, including Lille, Porto, Copenhagen, Chelmsford, Cambridge, Harlow and London.

The key to a sucessful study trip lies in the reconnoitring, and preliminary research to ensure that the places visited represent a good range of examples, with input from the planners, architects, and managers who have been involved and can share their experiences of the process.

The one day trip to Lille with the South East Design Champions focussed on the public realm, and took the form of a self-guided, map-based walkabout, together with presentations from the local planners and a visit to an exhibition about the city.

Trips to each of Porto and Copenhagen formed part of the ‘Places from Spaces’ programme, and included visits to a wide range of public spaces, and presentations from both the city councils and universities, to raise participants’ awareness of both the scope, opportunities, and practical issues around collaboration to make the best use of public space.