facilitating workshops

Much of the work that I do involves bringing together the design team with those who are going to be using or managing the building or space, ideally at an early stage of the whole design process. There is a real value in having a neutral, but well informed person to act as a facilitator for this kind of activity. The design team can learn a lot from listening to the experiences of people who are familiar with working in or managing a similar facility, be it a school, a cultural building or a public space, and conversely, the users and managers (stakeholders) welcome the chance to have a voice in the design process. This joined up approach helps create high quality buildings and spaces which really do respond to the needs and aspirations of users and managers.

Sometimes it is apropriate to make use of existing tools such as DQI, Building in Context and Spaceshaper for this knowledge sharing, and sometimes a more tailor-made approach is preferable- my experience covers all these scenarios.