civic societies

I have developed a two part ‘People and Place-making’ workshop for Civic Societies, which aims to help members see their local area through new eyes. In addition to gathering local knowledge, the workshop will support societies in diversifying and expanding their membership, forming alliances with other local organisations, and generally raising awareness in their ‘patch’.

The first workshop, for up to 15 members, is about 90 minutes, and gathers a whole range of information about the locality, and the people and organisations which help the town function- local businesses, interest groups etc. Each member at the first workshop identifies a local non-member to invite to participate in the second workshop.

The second workshop takes the form of a facilitated ‘walkabout’ for up to 30 people. Information, photos, sketches and notes, collected during the walkabout are shared in a round table session at the end of the workshop, and may then be used to create a display, either locally or online.

I would like to do a couple of ‘test runs’ and am looking for one or two Kent, Surrey or Sussex based civic societies who would be interested in working with me to finalise this ‘People and Place-making’ workshop. There would be no charge for this.

Please get in touch via the reply form on the getting in touch page, or call me on 07932 686 011